What’s there to see?

Currently KLM-MRA has five aircraft hangars and several former stables in use.

I26: the artillery hangar
I21: the hangar of the anti-aircraft artillery
I19: depot
I27: armored vehicles
I16: hangar for the volunteers of the Tank Museum (formerly the department of Kapellen)
B5: warehouses


The collection is quite extensive and a visit is not enough to see everything. If you have not seen it all during your visit, then you’re free to stop by again at any time.

  1. The artillery hangar (minimum 1h15)
  2. The anti-aircraft hangar I21 (minimum 45min)
  3. The uniforms part (20min)
  4. The historic hall of the light aviation (15min)


! It is negotiable to see our other military vehicles if you are interested. Given the structure and nature of some collection items, access to these hangars is only possible with the permission of the depot Comd. and if there are guides available.