Origin of Gunfire

2009: The Royal Army Museum, located in Brussels, was looking for new sites that was stored in its depots of Kapellen and Vissenaken. By the disappearance of many units in the Department of Defense a lot of tradition halls were shut down. Because of this a lot of loaned material came back to the museum in Brussels.

But the museum had all but space and searched it, inter alia, in the buildings of the former school of Light Aviation in Brasschaat. There was also developed an Artillery Museum in the former Artillery School and this museum was looking for new patrons. Too big to disappear, too small to survive on its own.

Autumn 2009: The option to transfer the hangars of the former Northern Quarter to the KLM-MRA was proposed. This meant a move of all the equipment that was set up in the buildings around the ‘Queen’s Theatre’, to the helicopter and airplane hangars over 2km away. A drudgery that was carried out by 4 volunteers and a professional volunteer with the material support of the present artillery battalion.

End of May 2011: The job was done for the most part and it was done successfully. Gradually, the material came in from other sites, including the one from Kapellen. A lot of the material was transferred to Brasschaat. The volunteers of the Tank Museum have their place in shed C16, and that portion could gradually be restarted.

10th of June 2011: The new site of Gunfire was officially opened in the presence of our Chief Executive Dominique Hanson, the Mayor of Brasschaat Dirk de Kort, and the commander of the local artillery unit Lieutenant-Colonel Hans Houf.
The local aero club provided a great show with a piper made in the former colors and logos.